Professional experience


As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist I have had the opportunity to work in different hospitals and institutions over the years and have acquired expertise in a variety of fields.

Professional work experience in specialist areas:

  • Zentrum für seelische Gesundheit Leopoldau (Healthcenter Leopoldau)

    Multidisciplinary treatment of patients with depression and anxiety disorders

  • WGKK (Vienna’s regional medical insurance company)

    Multidisciplinary pain management

  • AKh-Linz (general hospital in Linz)

    Psychological pain management, psycho-oncology as well as the care and treatment of patients with various neurological and psychiatric disorders

  • Klinikum Wels (clinical centre in Wels)

    Psycho-oncology, the care and treatment of patients with internal medical conditions and disorders

  • St. Anna Kinderspital (hospital for children and young people)

    Psycho-oncology for children and young people

  • Wilhelminenspital (Wilhelminen hospital)

    Psychosomatics for young people

  • Wiener Krebshilfe (cancer centre in Vienna)


  • Aids Hilfe (AIDS centre in Vienna)

    Providing counselling and support concerning HIV and AIDS

  • Kurzentrum Bad Tatzmanndorf (health resort in Bad Tatzmannsdorf)

    Psycho-oncology, stress/burnout and psychological interventions regarding weight reduction



Since 2007 I am also running a private practice.