The Cinderella Principle

Self-criticism and severity, even psychological suffering, are not infrequently based on outdated beliefs that we have acquired as a result of painful experiences in childhood. “In order to be able to heal these old wounds, we need to deal with ourselves in an empathetic and appreciative way,” explains Viennese psychologist and psychotherapist Mag. Saam Faradji in his psychological guidebook “The Cinderella Principle.” With the help of vivid practical examples and exercises, readers learn how to recognize their own needs, overcome outdated beliefs and gradually move toward a more fulfilling life.

“The Cinderella Principle” deals with the most important relationship in our lives, the relationship with ourselves. “This exerts a great influence on our happiness, but also on our suffering,” explains book author Mag. Saam Faradji. The fairy tale character Cinderella symbolizes the quality of the relationship with our vulnerable parts: benevolent, as in the case of the prince, or rejecting, like the evil stepmother and stepsisters. A critical or dismissive attitude is closely linked to suffering. The positive news: change is possible – not only in fairy tales!

Understanding the Cause of Suffering Faradji explains the causes of suffering and the paths to happiness, drawing on various psychological, psychotherapeutic, and Buddhist concepts. He focuses on vivid and easy-to-follow practical examples. “In my psychotherapeutic work, I encounter people every day who suffer in one way or another and experience limitations in their daily lives as a result. The reason is often outdated beliefs that still come from childhood and are so deeply rooted that they are unconsciously lived on and not questioned, let alone adapted to today’s circumstances. This moves them away from their basic needs and happiness,” clarifies Faradji. Orientation to this early childhood map influences not only one’s own world of thoughts and feelings, but also one’s relationships with other people.

Living a fulfilling life “The Cinderella Principle” explains step by step how to change outdated beliefs that stand in the way of well-being. Simple methods can be used to bring thoughts and emotions into harmony with each other. “The book reveals how we can move in harmony with our individual needs, towards a life that is fulfilling for us. It is especially intended for all those people who want to question their self-critical inner voice and the associated attitude towards their feelings, and overall develop a new and healing relationship with themselves,” Faradji sums up.

Title: The Cinderella Principle: From Self-Criticism and Austerity to More Self-Love and Joy of Living

Author: Saam Faradji

Publisher: myMorawa

978-3-99057-606-9 (Paperback)
978-3-99057-607-6 (Hardcover)
978-3-99057-608-3 (e-Book)

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Paperback and Hardcover:
172 pages