Pain Therapie Center AKh-Linz

(Pain therapy centre at the general hospital in Linz, Austria)

The AKH-Linz Pain Therapy Centre consists of an interdisciplinary pain therapy outpatient clinic and an interdisciplinary pain therapy ward (pain clinic) with 20 beds as well as a special outpatient clinic for headaches and facial pain. With approximately 25 years of experience, the interdisciplinary pain therapy outpatient clinic at the AKh Linz is one of the oldest and also one of the largest pain therapy outpatient clinics in Austria.

Patients are primarily treated for acute and chronic pain in the muscolo-skeletal system as well as neuropathic pain. Since a number of years an interdisciplinary approach to pain diagnosis and therapy is applied at this Centre. Invasive therapeutic procedures (e.g. CT-targeted infiltrations, spinal cord stimulation, pain pump systems) are carried out in cooperation with the departments of anaesthesiology, intensive care and radiology. The fixed components of this cooperation and treatment include psychological care and physiotherapeutic measures

Moreover the inpatient and outpatient pain care is complemented by the internal nuclear-medical (oncology, rheumatology), orthopaedic and neurosurgical patient care and consultation services.